Catherine Lombardozzi, Ed.D.

Learning professionals need learning and development support as much as the people they serve.
Learning 4 Learning Professionals can help.
is not attained
by chance,
it must be
sought for
with ardor
and attended to
with diligence.

~ Abigail Adams
Learning 4 Learning Professionals is a consulting practice dedicated to supporting the professional development of designers, facilitators, learning consultants, and learning leaders. I created L4LP to help ensure your success!

I believe that professionals working to promote adult learning in organizations and academic settings should have their own high quality development programs to bolster their continuous learning in our rapidly changing environment. Too often, we don't prioritize our own development, and I'm on a mission to change that. Learning 4 Learning Professionals is just that - a resource committed to L&D professionals.

If you would like to advance the development of learning professionals in your organization, if you need help with achieving your own learning goals, or if you’d like an independent expert colleague to help you think through your projects, L4LP offers customized seminars and webinars, learning community and team activities, research summaries and white papers, and individual consulting and coaching.  

If this interests you, let’s form a partnership for professional development.

~ Catherine
   Catherine Lombardozzi, Ed.D.
   Learning and Development Consultant
   and Founder of Learning 4 Learning Professionals

Contact me @
or 302-994-0451
PO Box 6431, Wilmington, Delaware 19804

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